WHAT IF… cancers could be identified even DEEP INSIDE THE BODY, without needing a BIOSPY or any sort of invasive internal probes?

WHAT IF… doctors could do this ON-THE-SPOT, get immediate results & then use the same device to TREAT any suspicious tumours right there & then, WITHOUT SURGERY OR rounds of RADIO or CHEMOTHERAPY?

Get Involved!


Raman Nanotheranostics (RaNT) is a £5.7 million project developing a new technique, which aims to detect & treat cancerseven those deep inside the bodynon-invasively, using tiny, specially designed gold particles & infra-red laser light.

Breast, Prostate, and Head & Neck cancers are the 1st targets, but more are being planned.

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See the concept behind this pioneering procedure!

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BUT! We need YOUR help!

Right Now...

Our team of scientists are in the lab designing the technology that will make RaNT work, but there’s still a long way to go before it’s ready for clinical trials.

To help us get there, we need to go on a journey with people who have experience of living with cancer…

YOU can help us refine RaNT.

By sharing YOUR unique patient & carer experiences, YOU can help make RaNT work for future cancer patients.

YOUR experience of living with cancer will be INVALUABLE to the RaNT team!

How Can YOU Help?

We need to hear YOUR thoughts on the proposed procedure:

  • Are YOU comfortable with the RaNT concept? What bits are practical for patients & what worries YOU?
  • What information do YOU need to know about how RaNT works?
  • If RaNT was available during YOUR healthcare journey, how might it have changed YOUR experience of cancer care in the UK?


We want to understand what is important to YOU as a patient & how RaNT can support this.

There will certainly be things that our research team have not yet considered…

Help us answer the questions that we didn’t even know needed answering!

I'm interested in helping...

What Would Be Involved?

These will be some of RaNT’s 1st interactions with patients & people that have experience of living with cancer.

For now, involvement means a casual chat with our Communities Engagement Manager (in groups or 1-to-1 – whichever is most comfortable for you). There will be NO surveys or written tasks.

Note: Conversations will be held virtually whilst COVID remains a concern, so group chats will be held on Zoom. If your preference is for a 1-to-1 discussion, the options to interact over the phone or converse through email, are also available.

The Aim...

The aim of these early interactions is to brainstorm & discuss your raw, initial impressions of the RaNT concept. We will listen to your perspectives & uncover key themes for us to address in detail with our future Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) group.

Optional Extras:

If you’d like to continue close involvement in the project & keep on influencing RaNT’s development beyond these initial conversations, you will have the option to join our PPI group.

Please Be Aware: this is NOT a CLINICAL TRIAL!

I want to help...

How Do I Sign-Up?

If YOU have experience of living with cancer in the UK – as a patient OR a carer – and would like to be involved in the conversation around RaNT…


He will happily answer any questions you may have & can tell you more about what participating will involve.

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